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I like all the things that rise the levels of serotonin and adrenalin in my brain, together.

A selection of illustrations from Icones Farlowianae, a beautiful oversize book by William Gilson Farlow ‘66. Farlow was an eminent botanist of the later 19th and early 20th centuries. One of our (five!) botany libraries is named after him.

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My sis is here. Jelaous? Noo… Yes very. 

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Sweden is now 13% a dystopia.

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52 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever

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How could I miss Margaret Atwood was a guest at the literature festival at Louisiana art Museum this past weekend? How oh how? … Denmark is not far away… :(

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This on my wall please

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Details of paintings of flower vases I saw at the Louvre. 

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Good things

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On my wishlist

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Favorite mammal

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oh the adventure.

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